Company Details
To create or update company records, enter Company Details, Accounting Details, and Documents Numbering. Use capital letters for standard company details.
More Screenshots of Purchase Order Management Software
Vendor Details
In Vendor Details you can maintain the vendor order details.
Customer Details
Click Client from the left panel then enter all mandatory values related to "Bill To Details" and "Ship To Details".
Customer List
Select the rows and columns to print according to the requirements.
Print Preview
Print Preview of Client/Customer List is shown.

Software Features

  • Manage sales-purchase records: Manages business sales and purchase order details in accurate and simplest manner.
  • Password protection facility: Provides password protection facility, so that illegal users cannot access or modify the software setting.
  • Generate reports: Allows users to generate sales-purchase reports and item transaction reports.
  • Attractive GUI Interface: Facilitates attractive GUI interface with inbuilt help manual.
  • Minimize Accounting Errors: Software avoids duplicity of purchase and sales order records and minimizes accounting errors.
  • Easily search for sales/purchase records: Software provides search option to search sales and purchase records in easiest way.
  • Data Export facility: Generated records can be save in excel sheet for feature reference.
  • Centralized management: Manages sales and purchase order records with single user interface.
  • Saves time and increase productivity: Saves valuable money and time using Purchase Order Management Software.
  • Overwrite existing records: Software can overwrite existing records as per user’s requirements.

Extraordinary Features

Accurately prepare various types of sales, purchase and item transaction reports to view all transactions.

Purchase Reports: Purchase Order Report, Purchase Delivery Report, Purchase Invoice Report and Vendor Payment Report.

Other Reports: Item Transaction Report.

Provides backup and restore facility to get back records even if deleted due to some data loss reasons.

Software provides facility to create/update records of customer, vendor and items according to user’s needs and specification.