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Design business cards in various sizes and shapes : Software creates customized business card using color and background setting like font color, background color, size, orientation, style, bar-width etc.

Design customized card and modify existing : Software is capable to modify generated already existing business cards according to user’s needs.

Print Multi-copies business card : Business card creating software prints bulk business cards simultaneously in easiest manner.

Facilitate different graphic designing tools : Facilitate graphic designing tools such as line, text, pictures, rectangles, ellipse, pencils, star etc to create colorful business card.

Business Card Designing Software Screenshot

Business Card Designing Select Module

Select “Start With Templates” to design business card using inbuilt templates.

Select Template Category

Select template category and select sample template to design business cards.

Fill User Details

Fill user details such as Name, Title, Company Name or browse excel file to fetch the data.

Card Properties

Select Card Shape (Rectangle/ Round Rectnagle/ Ellipse) to design business card then enter card name and size.

Set Print Format

To view the Print Preview, edit the Margin Between Cards, Print Options such as Copies Number, Total Card etc.

If you belong to any trade, simply use professional business card software that designs various business cards including:

  • Trade business card
  • Discount business cards
  • Corporate business cards
  • Jewelry business cards
  • Photography business cards
  • Elegant business cards
  • Personal business cards
  • Business cards letterhead
  • Marketing business cards
  • Jewelry business cards